Large corporate processors and retailers control individual food producers


Whilst food producers in farms and small-holdings work hard to survive, the profit from their labour is creamed off by large corporate organisations and commercial companies in retail, processing and export/import industry, who are accountable only to their members or company shareholders.

Kathleen Calvert3The writer, a dairy farmer, points out that milk is being distributed over greater and greater distances; milk and dairy produce often travels wastefully back and forth across Britain or between countries. Consequently more and more milk income is not circulated back into the local economy, damaging the surrounding communities, the regional and national economy – and our dangerously fragile food security.

She addresses the problem of ‘bottleneck of middle men’ from the large corporate processing and retail sectors which exert enormous financial power over individual producers, withholding revenue from sales of milk and passing the blame for poor prices on to each other.

Her solution: a British milk supply distribution system consisting of more regional dairies and supermarkets.



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