Does the World Bank’s plan for agriculture pave the way for ranch and factory farming in England?


devinder 3Aware of the ongoing exodus of British farmers we note, earlier this month, that Devinder Sharma gives the remarkable figure of ‘nearly 2,500 Indian farmers quitting agriculture every day’.

“Looks like farmers will be a rare breed before too long also. Never mind if there is no food”

So writes a Lancashire farmer – well aware of the loss of skilled farmers. This loss was listed in July by a YouGov poll which reported that 30 dairy farmers quit the industry in the month of April alone, and also by a report on the reform of EU farm policy.

This has been going on for years  – post 1997 – as a 2001 Panorama investigation noted that one third of the UK’s 150,000 farmers left farming during the last two years.

Is the neglect of agriculture deliberate and part of a bigger design?

Devinder Sharma thinks so, citing the policies advocated by the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, the World Bank and the new governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Read a summary on the CHS-Sachetan (India) website and follow the lead to his original article.

The British government shares this lack of concern for food security

Later, an article will record a farmer’s concern about the seeming inability of the cross party British Government to prevent pressure from being put on the relatively few surviving British farmers to export – particularly to China – and benefit market speculators and the EXIM industry, instead of supplying the needs of people in their own country.



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