Injustice to hardworking food producers takes a heavy toll as farmers leave the industry, some commit suicide and many die prematurely

  • Peggy, a capable owner-farmer, died in debt having lived on her savings for many years to subsidise below production market prices for the cows from her disease-free herd.
  • Andrew died in his fifties after actively campaigning long hours for a fair deal in addition to his farm work.
  • fdf derek walkerand now dairy farmer Derek Walker, of Fair Price Farming NI, who was instrumental in helping to organise the milk protests in local supermarkets, to highlight the low prices they are receiving, died earlier this week of a heart attack at the age of 34.

Derek Walker pictured above in the centre, whilst lobbying at Stormont.

A decent government would end the injustice of below production costs: other workers have a living wage, but there is no such security for the average farmer.

Government is failing those who do the most important work in the country, producing food.


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