A civilised society should be ordered so that every person has:

  • pure drinking water
  • clean air
  • uncontaminated food
  • adequate shelter
  • access to good medical care & education
  • right livelihood
  • freedom of (courteous) speech
  • effective participation in decision-making
  • freedom of association (political, religious etc)

and in which:

  • each person acts honestly and transparently in the workplace and in personal relationships
  • conflict is resolved by dialogue and other peaceable means

This site will focus on the provision of food and water in this country and worldwide:

  • recognising the importance of hill farming & the preservation of agricultural land,
  • highlighting the value of the farm to the local/regional economy,
  • highlighting the need for diversity of farming (eg dairy, livestock, poultry, horticultural, arable)
  • prioritising local/regional farming as a vital public service.
  • stressing the importance of national food security to individual nations.


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