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Grass-Fed Nation: addressing our diet and carbon emission targets


graham harveyGraham Harvey is the agriculture adviser to ‘The Archers’ radio show, on Europe, subsidies and rural life. After studying agriculture at Bangor university, he became a journalist at Farmers Weekly before moving into script writing, joining The Archers in 1984.

Emma Jacobs writes about him in the Financial Times, after the publication of Grass-Fed Nation:

His book argues that animals that graze on grass are far healthier than those fed on chemically enhanced grains. It is also better for the countryside, as well as for consumers of meat and dairy products. Mr Harvey laments that Britain’s traditional small mixed farms have given way to larger intensive ventures, relying on chemicals and cooped-up animals. “Farmers could be doing better than they are,” he says. “There is too much money going to suppliers of chemicals and technology.”

His challenge to overreliance on processed foodstuffs and chemicals followed on a realisation that his own health was suffering from high cholesterol, raised glucose and blood pressure due to the amount of sugar and white flour he was eating.

grassfed nation coverIn the book he writes:

“If we reared grazing animals solely on their natural food, grass, we’d be growing far fewer cereal crops with their heavy requirement for fossil fertilisers and pesticides.

“We would, in fact, far exceed our carbon emission targets.”


The whole article may be read on http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/961dea22-3162-11e6-bda0-04585c31b153.html#ixzz4BxcQZMjS but only on subscription it seems.